Tips For Preparation Strategy

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The first step towards journey to success in the exam is conceived in our mind. It begins with a dream to succeed. From a dream it takes the form of a mission. When it becomes a mission, we channelize all the available resources to turn our dream into a reality. But while going through this process certain common tips come handy in making your preparation even more effective. These can be summed up as under.


Thorough knowledge and understanding of the syllabus


Through knowledge of the syllabus of exam is essential to know the specific areas of study before jumping into the fray. It will help you to properly plan and distribute your study time in a meticulous way. Periodic reference to the syllabus would save your time by skipping topics which are not covered in the syllabus. It can also help you in identifying areas of study where you are comfortable and where not.


Make best use of all available resources.


Before you begin your preparation you must identify the required study material and procure it. Read one of the newspapers like the Hindu/Indian Express, and the magazine Pratiyogita Darpan, Yojana, Kurukshetra etc.


You can also make good use of electronic media- Internet, television and even radio for your preparation. A lot of information including text books of NCERT, Press Information Bureau, and RSTV etc. can be accessed through the internet.


The Right Preparation Strategy


Strategy is the most crucial element in Defence Examinations. The importance of defining your preparation strategy can scarcely be exaggerated. A realistic assessment of your abilities and potential is necessary before you decide to go for the Defence examinations (NDA/CDS/AFCAT/AC). The basic thumb- rule that operates all the time is that you have to compete on the basis of the strengths that you possess, and minimize the relative weakness that you may be having.


Quality, not Quantity of study is important


The basic criteria of study should be the quality of study and not quantity. It is not the number of books, the variety of study material or the number of pages you have gone through but the quality of your study i.e. the relevance and the depth of knowledge you have gained which makes the difference. It is more important to focus on certain key areas which are vital for study than studying all. Your reading must be purposeful. Distinguishing between the important and the unimportant reading material, you must keep in mind what is useful from the exam point of view. For that purpose you can rely on TIDES faculty for sure.


Clarity of thought


Clarity of thoughts is important to the Defence aspirants in two ways. First, they should be clear about their decision while choosing Defence Services as their dream career and Secondly, in the context of their preparation for the examination. It is the latter issue which is more relevant here. To understand, grasp what you study or observe and present your ideas in a relevant, meaningful, and logical sequence, you need clarity of thought. Of course this is highly necessary while writing your essay, paras (for CAPF) or at the time of interview.


Preparing notes


Writing notes is very helpful in preparing for the examination, particularly when you study from different sources. Firstly, while writing notes focus your attention in a more concentrated manner and many of these points stay in your memory. Secondly, notes help you in a quick revision.


For writing effective notes do not start making notes in a hurry i.e. when you are reading the material for the first time. Without understanding what you read, you are likely to write down too much which may amount to simply reproduction of the material. After understanding the text look for the main points and sub-points. Try to write in your own words rather than using the same language. When you do this exercise get sincerely involved and write short notes preferably in points.




You should keep one day in a week for revision work so that you could review the progress made and see what you have done and how much more or quicker pace is needed. Periodical analysis of what you have studied and its consolidation is necessary. It will make you realise your weaknesses and your strengths. Without this periodical stop-over, you will keep on learning and you may forget what you piled up in your mind earlier.


Mock Test


After completing your syllabus and revision, you can go for a mock test. Conducted in a proper way, a mock test makes you feel the environment and experience of the real exam. It is very useful in reviewing your knowledge of the subjects and judging your weak and strong areas of preparation. Through mock test you can also test your ability of time management. Do not miss the opportunity as and when any institute conducts mock test. You can take mock test online also.


The right guidance/Coaching


In the case when most of the fresher jumping into the fray it might be simply baffling giving rise to question like where to begin from, what to read, where to seek guidance from, etc. in this case Joining a coaching institute which is committed to Defence Exams proves helpful. Choose the coaching which conducts test every week and give extra time to students for improvement.

There are quite a few significant factors which must be considered before taking a decision to join a coaching institute.


Joining a coaching institute without identifying specific areas in which you feel you are weak and need coaching is just like going to shop with no particular items in mind. In other words, unless you know your specific requirement joining a coaching institute may not give you return for your money and time. It is but natural that you will realise your strengths and weaknesses only after going through the syllabus carefully and when you actually start your preparation.


Even after one or two attempts, if you are getting very poor marks despite your best efforts, it appears there is something radically wrong with your approach. In such cases, you must seek guidance from an experienced teacher or attend a coaching institute.


It is wrong to judge the past performance of a coaching institute on the basis of catchy advertisements in newspapers and magazines and lofty claims made by them. The real source to know about the performance of an institute is by consulting some of the past and the present students of the institute. Another important consideration in choosing an institute is the credentials of the members of its teaching faculty i.e. their qualifications, experience and specializations.


Coaching in itself may prove helpful in making you regular in your preparation. It is also beneficial since it provides you an opportunity to interact and discuss your preparation strategy and your problems with your classmates and also with your professional teachers. It is better if coaching is over at least a month before the examination so that you are left with sufficient time to make revisions and do practice.


Group study helps


Study with a fellow or a group of friends who are also preparing for the Defence examination. Regular discussions with such friends are very helpful. This way you not only revise what you have studied but also learn many points which you might not have covered or did not know. Such a company happens to be supplementing nature to each other. Besides, it makes your study more interesting and competitive.


Believe in best


Our motto is to make students feel confident about their own ability. We always say one quote said by


Henry Ford.
Believe in best
Think you are best
Have a goal for your best,
Never be satisfied with less than your best,
Try your best, and in the long run
Things will turn out for the best