Significance of Personal Information Questionnaire in SSB Interview

Interview is a process to get information about the candidate, assess him/her for skill sets, personality traits and aptitude as required for the job he/she is being interviewed for. Service Selection Board (SSB) interview is a very comprehensive interview process in which the candidates are evaluated for different parameters before they are eligible to be recruited as commissioned officers in Indian Armed Forces.

Primary aim of SSB interview is to assess the candidates, who have qualified in written exams, for officer like qualities (OLQs) which will make them successful officers in the armed forces. PIQ is also part of this process. All candidates who pass the initial screening are required to fill in a PIQ form. PIQ contains questions about basic information about the candidate like name, qualifications, family information, family background and personal achievements.

Answers you submit in your PIQ are your first impression on the interviewing officers and Psychologist. Your answers in the PIQ help the evaluators understand your personality – your attitude, aptitude, social adaptability etc. All further questions and exercise may be based on the information you provide in your PIQ.

Not only the information provided in the PIQ but how the PIQ filled also says a lot about the candidate. For example, if the PIQ is filled hurriedly with lot of mistakes and overwriting, it may reveal the candidate is careless or not focussed. If the order of events, achievements is not proper, it may reveal the candidate is not organized. On the other hand, mentioning important details in proper order may reveal you are an organized and focussed. Activities and their details also provide insight to the evaluators about how socially adjustable you are.

Some of the questions asked in PIQ include:

  • Personal Information: Name, personal details about yourself and your family.
  • Family Information: Details about your family members, your relationship with them, details about your household and your family members profile like occupation, income etc.
  • Education: Your education details may include information about your school, teachers and subjects you undertook and why? It may also include other extra-curricular activities you may have participated while studying
  • Friends: Information about your friends may include number of friends you have, type of friends you have, your relationships with different types of friends and reasons for such choices.
  • Hobbies: This section seeks information about your hobbies and interest. The kind of sports or games you like. How you pass your free time etc.

Tips to fill your PIQ form correctly:

  • Take your time to fill the PIQ form.
  • Use neat handwriting, avoid any over writings, fill the form correctly.
  • Furnish all details in detail but in a very concise manner
  • Keep the sequence of events you describe chronological
  • And, most important answer all questions truthfully and honestly.

Remember most of the questions directed at you in the interview will be based on the information you provide in your PIQ. The interviewing officer spends some 5-10 minutes to read your PIQ before you go in for the interview. He/She will then base their questions to assess how truthful and genuine you have been about the information you have provided.

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